Cost-effective Takeuchi Equipment from KRents

September 27, 2018
Takeuchi utility equipment through KRents provides customers with cost-effective options

Takeuchi utility equipment through KRents provides customers with cost-effective options

Colossal machines moving mountains of dirt is an image that often comes to mind when people think about the construction industry. However, not all projects are created equal. When bigger isn’t always better – Takeuchi utility equipment from KRents is the answer.

“We began carrying Takeuchi TB210, and TB2150 compact excavators and TW80 wheeled and tracked compact wheel loaders in 2017,” said Rental Sales Representative Andy Crowder. “The size and production of the machines is their main draw. The TB210 is 2,300 pounds (1,043 kg), the TB2150 is 34,400 lbs pounds (15,604 kg)  and the TW80 is just under 13,000 pounds (approximately 5,896 kg), but they deliver a lot of power. Our customers love the machines’ hydraulics and flow.”

For job sites with limited space or that does not require moving a massive amount of material, Crowder says that renting a Takeuchi machine is an economical choice.

“The most common applications for these pieces are utility installation or landscaping projects where a standard-sized machine would be far too large to operate efficiently,” he continued. “The Takeuchi compact equipment is designed to get into those compact sites and perform; our customers have been very pleased with the results.”
Complete confidence

Complete confidence

When building a fleet, it makes sense for companies to purchase equipment that can be used on an array of projects. Compact machines usually don’t make the cut, which is why the addition of Takeuchi is significant for KRents customers. 

“Typically, customers use smaller machines on specialty projects or for infrequent applications,” explained Crowder. “It might not be cost-effective for a customer to carry a utility-sized machine in its fleet. Thanks to the Takeuchi equipment in our KRents lineup, they can now bid on those one-time jobs with the confidence of knowing they will have a machine that is the perfect fit.”

Takeuchi equipment from KRents also makes a positive impact on a customer’s bottom line.

“Renting a Takeuchi machine is a financially smart way to complement an existing fleet,” noted Crowder. “We provide new machines that we service and monitor, making them essentially maintenance-free to the end user. Additionally, they are easy to transport, allowing customers to conveniently move them to multiple job sites in one day. The Takeuchi line from KRents provides a lot of value at an affordable cost.”

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