Our Mission

To provide equipment rental solutions to our customers throughout Western Canada, offering a full line of Komatsu, BOMAG, and complimentary OEM equipment.

Completing the circle of services offered by SMS Equipment, we meet the increasing rental demands of the resource and construction based industries, using safe, well maintained and efficient equipment.
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Experience the Benefits of Rental Equipment

Experience the Benefits of Rental Equipment

Renting equipment has many advantages such as maintaining cash reserves, reducing insurance costs, and no storage or long-term maintenance all while receiving the latest safety features on the newest, most advanced equipment.

What differentiates KRents from the competition?

  • Our fleet is continuously updated to ensure the latest technology is available
  • Our fleet is compliant with all environmental requirements, such as Tier 3 at a minimum

  • In the event of breakdown, a factory trained technician from SMS Equipment will be dispatched to repair the unit on site. If the machine cannot be repaired on site, another unit can be supplied from the rental fleet.
  • Business can be done remotely to accommodate your requirements.

All KRents rental equipment models are fully serviced by SMS Equipment.

We recognize that world class performance demands health, safety, and environmental efforts.