Contractors turn to KRents to supplement existing fleets, compete in today’s market

April 30, 2024

Building an equipment fleet that efficiently tackles numerous jobs is key to sustained success in the construction industry. However, as a fleet’s size increases, so does the cost to maintain and operate it. Today’s savvy equipment owners focus on building nimble fleets that handle the majority of work and supplementing them with rental pieces from KRents.

“Incorporating rental equipment from KRents provides a significant advantage for our customers,” notes KRents Sales Representative Andy Crowder. “They are seeing a high return on investment with no risk involved. It is a win-win for them.”

By renting machines from KRents, a contractor is guaranteed to get ideally sized, low-hour, late-model equipment for a project at a fraction of what it would cost to own it. Plus, every KRents machine is serviced and monitored by trained technicians, ensuring that it is ready to perform when it arrives at the job site.

The capital investment is significantly lower through renting; you only pay for the days that you need the machine,” explains Crowder. “There is no cost of ownership; KRents handles the maintenance, parts, service and repairs associated with the machine. Also, if a service interval occurs while the machine is on rent, KRents will come to perform the maintenance at a convenient time at no additional cost. When the job is done, return it; it’s that simple. You only pay for the machine when it is making you money.

Utilizing KRents gives business owners peace of mind in a market that can be uncertain at times.

“Before a customer purchases a piece of equipment, they need to know if there will be enough work to justify the cost,” says Crowder. “Predicting a project list two years out is daunting, and not many people can do that. With KRents, a company can bid on jobs that may fall outside of its scope with the confidence that it will have an adequate machine without continued payments for it when the job is finished.”

For equipment fleets large and small, KRents is a proven valuable tool for customers.

“The bottom line is that renting offers a great deal of flexibility and financial stability,” concludes Crowder. “Supplementing an existing fleet with rental equipment is a demonstrated way to compete for more jobs, reduce overhead costs and make your company better suited for today’s market.”